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TeachMeGIS, the training branch of Inner Corridor Technologies, Inc., is a leader in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) training and consulting. Staffed with GIS professionals who have extensive industry experience, our training center offers high quality training at a reasonable price.

TeachMeGIS provides students with quality hands-on training taught by highly knowledgeable and experienced instructors. All of our instructors have experience within their respective GIS industries so you get practical examples of real-world situations. We limit the number of students in each class to provide a more guided and personalized training experience. All of our custom courses are created by our instructors as well as our highly qualified consultants and experts.

Our home office is in Houston, TX. We offer classes in our Houston training center several times each month. We teach GIS all across the United States; and across the globe in countries like Angola, Canada, China, Japan, Taiwan, and Thailand.

"Our mobile classroom", comprised of laptops loaded with ArcGIS, allows us to travel almost anywhere to teach GIS classes!

 Our Staff
Jennifer Harrison, President
Jenny Harrison Jennifer Harrison has spent the past 25 years traveling around the US, helping to create a generation of GIS professionals.

After completing a Master of Science in Geosciences degree at Murray State University in the early 1990’s, Jenny moved to Belmopan, Belize, when she began working for the Lands Department in the Ministry of Natural Resources. As a Land Information Officer there, she was on the team that set up the first GIS in the country, under a project funded by the British Overseas Development Agency and USAID.

Jenny later moved to Houston, Texas, and began supporting geologists, engineers, and geophysicists in the oil industry. In 2001, she started a company, TeachMeGIS, with the goal of getting more people thinking spatially. With ExxonMobil as one of her first clients, she began writing custom courses for companies and traveling around the country teaching GIS. Over the years, TeachMeGIS became the primary GIS training provider for multiple global fortune 100 companies, various state and local governments, and many private companies in industries that range from environmental, public safety, public health, transportation, and oil and gas. Jenny’s training courses, taught by her and her staff, have been held as far away as Tokyo, Thailand, Bahrain, Angola, and Belize.

Jenny holds a Geographic Information Systems Professional (GISP) certification, is a URISA GIS Corps volunteer, and a Texas Emergency GIS Response Team (EGRT) volunteer. She is passionate about using the power of GIS to help those who are doing good.

Jeff Barnett, Senior GIS Instructor/Consultant
Jeff BarnettJeff Barnett is a GIS professional with over 30 years in the industry involving GIS database design and management, applications development, project management, cartography, and client relations. His decades of experience and communication skills combine to make him a top GIS Instructor and Consultant focused on developing and teaching courses in a variety of GIS disciplines. Jeff holds a B.S. in Geography and a Masters of Applied Geography degree from Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas. He also holds a certification from Oracle DBA Masters training and has been named among the Esri Top 5 Instructors.

Celise Seefluth, Administrative Assistant
Celise Seefluth Celise Seefluth has worked in the professional sector for over 20 years. She started her career as an early childhood teacher and later owned and managed her own event planning business. She had an active role in growing a local sportswear apparel company by overseeing the customer service department and serving as production manager. Celise has experience working in human resources and accommodating a large variety of administrative tasks.

Verladyne Williams, Bookkeeper
Verladyne Williams Verladyne Williams joined TeachMeGIS in July, 2014, as our Bookkeeper. She began her bookkeeping career while operating her own small business in a different industry. Verladyne has a B.S. in Business Administration from Kaplan University. Feel free to contact her for any questions relating to billing.

Sarah Moore, GIS Instructor/Consultant
Sarah Moore Sarah holds a Bachelor’s degree in Wildlife Biology from University of Alaska. She has been working with and teaching GIS for over 5 years. Sarah is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Wildlife Biology degree.

Julie Parker, Senior GIS Instructor/Consultant
Julie Parker Julie Parker is a respected leader, and geospatial professional who has spent her 20-year career concentrated on providing impactful, location-based information and solutions to the clients she serves. With over a decade of focused experience in the Energy industry, Julie has worked with companies of all sizes and in various locations throughout the U.S. and abroad from global “Super Majors” to small regional operators. Her work has also expanded to serve pipeline operators and firms adjacent to the Energy sector such as attorneys, environmental consultants, geoscientists, engineers, as well as land and mineral investors. Drawing on her interdisciplinary expertise in geography, information technology, energy, and business, Julie has developed specialties in the application of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Global Positioning Systems (GPS), and Remote Sensing for effectively managing risk, improving decision-making, and increasing client profitability. In her current role as a consultant and advisor, Julie continues building on the successes of her years of experience by helping clients source data and analytical products to resolve legal disputes, monitor critical assets and locations, minimize operational and security risk, as well as support compliance programs. Julie holds a BA in Liberal Studies (concentration in Business and Geography) from Francis Marion University and an MS in Geography from South Dakota State University.

Catherine Dobbs, GIS Instructor
Catherine Dobbs Catherine Dobbs has spent 4 years traveling the greater Houston area educating people about science and history. She has a bachelor’s degree in Zoology from Texas A&M University.

Kelsey Rodriguez, GIS Instructor
Kelsey Rodriguez Kelsey is currently a senior at Sam Houston State University pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Geography, specializing in GIS and Geology.

Ashley Ratley, GIS Instructor
Ashley Ratley Ashley Ratley is a trainer, consultant, and curriculum developer at TeachMeGIS. Since 2013, she has been teaching GIS training classes for multiple industries, as well as contracting with a major petroleum company. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Texas A&M University, and has a Master of GIS in progress, also from Texas A&M. In her free time, she enjoys travel and fostering rescue dogs.


 Partner Trainers
Ken Wilkerson, Partner GIS Trainer
Ken WilkersonKen Wilkerson has over fifteen years of experience involving project and resource management, planning and scheduling in a progressive GIS environment. Ken spent six years as a technical project manager and instructor for Environmental Systems Research Institute (Esri). Special assignments with Esri included a ten week Rent-A-Tech project with the Government of Venezuela. Ken has also conducted training classes throughout the United States and in several foreign countries including China and Japan. He was honored by Esri as one of the highest rated authorized instructors.

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